About Net-Spin

Net-Spin, was incorporated as a sole-proprietorship in 2004 as a web design and managed hosting solutions company. 

Teresa Langston, Founder and President has been, at various times, a Systems Analyst, a Business Analyst, a Technical Writer, a Project Manager, a Web Designer and an Information Designer. The ability to wear many hats in very dynamic work environments over the years has produced a highly flexible, change aware individual who can take an idea from concept to working reality.

Teresa has acquired a broad skill base in web interface design and in facilitating discussion about business strategy in the internet space. She is a guide with excellent vision and intuition who has come to the realization that she is, by nature, an open source evangelista – both from a business “ROI” standpoint and a firm belief that the future of humankind will be modeled on the same ideas that open source development is modeled on; loosely self-organizing, collaborative, community-based, and driven by PEOPLE not the technology itself.

Her strength is working on projects that are in the planning stages, before a strategy is in place, where a unique balance of creative AND pragmatic technical expertise is of value. She is continually seeking projects that are pushing on the edges of technology in ways that provide value in the service of people and community.

She is an early adopter of new technologies and can help your business or community initiative navigate through the internet technology space to find the right solutions that best fit your mission. She has expertise in Content Management Systems such as Drupal, WordPress, DotNetNuke and Sitefinity as well as Salesforce integration.

The Mission

Net-Spin’s mission is to bring meaningful content and shared knowledge to the web for real people in the support of Community.

Core Competencies

  • Scalable, cost-effective web hosting and technical support
  • Interactive web platforms for managing valuable data
  • Enabling and empowering users as co-developers
  • Building lightweight and portable user interfaces, databases, and business models
  • User Stories, Information design, mockups to functional prototypes

Service Offering

Net-Spin uses cutting edge digital technologies to create highly interactive and user-centered web sites that empower people, reduce operating costs, and create customer value. Net-Spin delivers:

  • E-business strategy, analysis and project management services
  • Education and training for open source development
  • Environmentally–friendly web hosting services
  • Net-Spin teaches people and organizations how to maximize the power of WCMS through empowerment and simple, elegant interfaces.

Customer Benefits

  • Opening and centralizing communication leads to higher customer and employee satisfaction and better corporate governance.
  • Leveraging customer self-service and automating repetitive tasks helps cut operating costs and improves the user experience.
  • Empowering employees and customers improves quality and creates value.
  • Opening and centralizing lines of communication enhances collaboration and innovation for better competitive advantage.