Working with images

This is a step by step instruction for uploading photos using the wysiwig editor installed on this site. There are a number of different file browser options that integrate with CKeditor but for the purposes of illustration, the built in file browser is used. This article is only relevant for content contributors/editors to the site. A full User Guide is available online at:

Please Note: URLs, filenames, directories and file extensions cannot contain spaces, or special characters (e.g., &, # or $), but may contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes. You may also use CamelCase notation (e.g. MixedCase.htm or mixedCase.htm). Make sure that file names clearly denote their content; do not use the DOS 8-and-3 naming convention.

To Upload Photos:

  1. Press thebutton in the toolbar. A popup window called "Image Properties" will appear.


  • URL: defines the URL address of the image. You may also use the "Browse Server" in order to browse the files.
  • Alternative Text:puts the descriptions of the image if you want it to be different than the image name.
  • Width: specifies image width.
  • Height: specifies image height.
  • Align: select from list to move image to a desired position (this function has limitations and may be overridden by style sheet settings for images). 


  1.  Select an existing picture file or Upload by first pressing 'Browse Server' next to the URL field. A new popup will appear and is presenting the entire directory of images and files stored on your site. You may browse folders by clicking on them or select a directory you want to upload images to - select image files or upload files from this window. Note the upload feature on the bottom of the window. You may also use the 'create a folder' feature but be mindful of the note regarding file/directory names at the beginning of this article. 

  1. Locate the file you wish to upload on your computer using the 'Browse' button. 

  1. Once you've found it and submitted from the PC dialog box, the file will be listed in the browser:

  1.  Select the file from the list (click). The browser window will close and the 'Image Properties dialog box will contain the path to the file you selected.

  1. At this point, you may resize the image. Width and Height can be changed. Note the padlock . This controls resizing according to proportions. When you are ready, press OK. The Image Properties dialog box will close and your image will be in the editor window. You may edit the image at any time by selecting the image and pressing the    button again.